Product Design

Letter Magnets. As my own children were learning to read I wanted to create a product that would help make it fun and easy. I started by creating illustrations that started with each of the 26 letters in the alphabet. I then created illustrations for long vowels as well as short vowels and for the hard and soft consonants. This meant that when the letters were put together the child could read short words based on the first letter of the picture. Making them magnetic meant they could be used on any magnetic surface including white boards and fridges. An educational company called Eagermind had the product manufactured in Taiwan and then marketed and sold the product in the US.


A book for Introducing Irish into the Home. When my son attended Naoinra (an Irish immersion playschool) I felt I needed a way to brush up my own Irish which had become rusty since leaving school. I wanted to be able to have a few phrases that I could use in the home to ask him how his day had been and to generally be able to bring Irish alive again within the home. I wrote and illustrated this book and also created a French version when other parents expressed an interest in helping to bring a second language into the home. The book comprises of a simple story with accompaning objects for the children to find in the picture, some everyday objects including number and colours in picture form with their Irish name and some simple phrases that can be used around the home to bring the language to life in the home.