Since studying film photography back in 1989 I have always been interesting in capturing the world around me. When I had my own children, taking pictures of them was the perfect way to hold on to the moment when they were simply too fast to try and sketch. Capturing families and their progressing stories is something I am passionate about and something I have loved to have been able to do successfully as a business for the past 6 years. You can see more of my portraiture photography work on my Photography Blog.


As well as portrait photography I have also shot interiors and exteriors of both private houses for sale and also commercial interiors for shops and restaurants. You can see more of these interior images here

More recently I was asked to take pictures for a book called Ghost Signs of Dublin which gives the history of the business names that are still present long after the business has left. The book was was released in November 2014, it is published by the History Press and available to buy

This project, which I called Playing with Toys and Perspective started as a way to get my children interested in being in front of the camera again and also just to try something fun.