Illustration for books

I have been lucky enough to have been involved in illustrating quite a number of books. I have illustrated for 4 text books for schools, 2 educational books for parents of school children, a cookbook for teens and I also illustrated map for a recent book called Ghost Signs of Dublin. I first sketch out my illustrations on paper and then scan them to bring into Adobe Illustrator. I then create vector graphics from those sketches which I then bring into Photoshop to add colour if it is required.



For the illustrations in this cook book I used a combination of both photography and line drawings. Each photograph was used as a texture to make up the clothes and backgrounds. There were limited colours used in the book so each illustration had to be bold and eyecatching.

For this map illustration I used the photographs that I has taken for the rest of the book and roughly traced over them in Illustrator. This map is to give the reader a useful guide to where the various Ghost signs are located around the city.

Ghost signs