App Design

I wanted to create an app that would teach people how to use their digital SLR cameras in manual mode to achieve correct exposure. I was excited to take on the challenge of creating an app from scratch and I wanted to try to use my 3 skills to achieve it. Graphic design for the look and feel, illustration for any icons or elements and my photography knowledge for the content. There are 3 elements that have to be taken into account when getting correct exposure in a photograph so based on that I made a wireframe flowchart of how the app would show how each one would affect the final picture. I didn't want to get too bogged down in technical issues so I made a very linear structure to the flow with very little need for coding.


The app works with the user being asked 4 questions about the situation and conditions they are shooting in and based on that will be given settings that will work well for their DSLR camera in Manual mode with an explanation of why. Below are the screens to show the general flow the user would go through although the final design isn't incorporated in these screens yet. To see a work in progress html version of the app click here.


When designing for mobile devices I always try to make sure that the experience is as simple as it can be. Below is a complete redesign I created for an existing booking service but with a much simplified flow.