Soft knitted Pixie Hat

So I’m not the world’s greatest knitter but this hat is really easy to make and I did it in a morning.
I cast on 50 stitches. Knitted 20 rows on 5mm needles. one row knit and one row purl. At least I think it was 20 rows, it was just a bit longer than the diameter of a 50mm lens cap.
Then I ribbed for about 7 rows. Then I cast off, folded it in half and sewed along the cast on side. I knitted two strips of 3 stitches across and sewed them onto the front corners of the hat. In retrospect it would have been easier to just knit 3 rows of 40 stitches.

pink hatI was worried that it would be too small but it was nice and stretchy and fitted really nicely over the baby’s head. Maybe it was the yarn I used but she barely felt it being put on which is great if you have a baby that doesn’t like hats.
finished hat

The yarn I used is Drops Kidsilk and I probably used about half a ball on this hat. Possibly less.