My hands -11 on the 11th

It’s time again for the 11 on the 11th that I take part in whenever I can. It involves a group of photographers that I am honored to be part of. We each create a personal post of 11 pictures on the 11th of each month. This month I decided, after much dithering, to make a post about myself. Please take the time to continue the blog circle by visiting the page of the fabulously talented photographer, image editor and all around gorgeous person Laura Morita.

I know I don’t have the world’s prettiest hands but I still kind of love them. They are not long and elegant but rather square and functional. I love them because I see my father and mother in them and also because they define who I am so completely. 1

So what do I do with these hands of mine? Drawing was where I first really found my creativity and life drawing is something I loved in college and would very much like to start doing regularly again.4

I still draw on paper but these days I then convert sketches into vector graphics for logos and book illustrations using both Illustrator and Photoshop.


I first got interested in working with clay back in school. After I started working and was using computers all day I had a longing to get back to properly working with my hands again so enrolled in sculpture evening classes with a good friend. There’s something so satisfying about working with clay, being able to turn, adjust and remodel your figure makes the whole process so enjoyable. I worked as a computer 3D modeller for 6 years but there’s nothing like getting your hands dirty.3

I’ve always loved craft although I don’t think I’d win any prizes for attention to detail. I adopt a more hap-hazard approach 🙂


I am now working outside the home after 12 years, as a graphic designer, designing for web, print and apps. It leaves me less time to take pictures but so far I’m really loving the change and the challenge. It also makes my children happy that they don’t have to pose as much 😉 Although I do have to thank them both for taking all the pictures for this post.

6And to finish, the selfie (although technically taken by my 11 year old) 7

Now head on to Laura Morita’s page to see all her amazing images this month.

8 Responses to My hands -11 on the 11th

  1. Bryna says:

    You are absolutely brilliant, talented and amazing. Thank you for sharing all that you create!!!

  2. Well, it’s perfect that your 11 year old would be taking your selfie for your 11 on 11. Well played, Lynn! I didn’t know about all your other creative outlets! SO COOL! You’re ridiculously talented. Do you know that? Wowzers. xoxo

  3. T says:

    You are so talented and such an amazing artist Lynn! I love seeing all your projects 🙂 Great post!

  4. Michaela Wickman says:

    Wow Lynn! You and those hands of yours are incredibly talented!! I love seeing your posts in my newsfeed. Fun to read what your interests are and what you have been up to. That last shot of you is gorgeous. 🙂

  5. Reena says:

    what a great blog post! not only are incredibly beautiful, but very talented! Photographer, artist, beautiful crafts, graphic designer….how awesome!!

  6. Fran Barker says:

    A whole post dedicated to who you are and I love it!! I love everything you do with your hands and how incredibly creative you are. <3

  7. sally says:

    Well holy heck, Lynn, you are amazing. You bowl me over with your talent!!!

  8. Leah says:

    Damn, Lynn. You are so talented it is insane. I actually didn’t think it was legal to have that many talents all at once?? Must look that up. Anyway, wonderful post.

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