Light and shadows – Backlighting

This month’s Light and Shadows blog circle is Backlighting. Backlighting is something that I naturally try and do when I’m shooting outdoors because well, for one, it means that you don’t have direct sunlight on your subject’s face. It can also bring some pretty haze to your images. I try to keep the sun to one side and behind rather than directly behind them because sunlight coming straight into your lens can sometimes lead to more haze than is fun to edit  🙂 This little boy is the friend of one of my nieces and the perfect model for me to try out my new 85mm 1.2 lens <3. Because the sun wasn’t exactly beaming out of the sky (I’m in Ireland, remember  🙂 ) I added one of my Sun Overlays in to give more of a warm sunshine feel. I also used one of my Sky actions to bring just a little blue to the washed out sky. The black and white image was converted using my Film Simple B&W action from Set2 which is one of my absolute favourites at the moment!

There’s a little tip that can be very useful when editing backlit images and that is to create a new levels adjustment layer in Photoshop, click on Auto in the top right hand corner of the levels panel and then lower the opacity of the layer. This will bring a little contrast to what could possibly be a hazy image. Another great tip is to duplicate your image layer, set the layer mode to Soft light and then lower the opacity to about 30%. This will give and instant boost of colour and contrast. It’s something that I didn’t do for the following images because I wanted a really soft feel for these.

As this is a blog circle you neeeed to follow on to Tonya Teran’s post on backlighting. She’s an incredible photographer and her children are just too cute!t03t02t01t04That’s it for this month! Don’t forget to continue the circle and head on to Tonya Teran’s post

4 Responses to Light and shadows – Backlighting

  1. These are amazing. So gorgeous and love your edits, as always. Love love love. That 85 and you are a good match.

  2. Lynn these are perfect. I love the sense of whimsy and “boyness” about them. Gorgeous. I also love your tips…a born teacher you are 🙂

  3. Jeanine says:

    Gorgeous! I just love these! Thanks for the editing tips as well. I appreciate all you share and I love your actions!

  4. Eldora says:

    It’s a relief to find soonmee who can explain things so well

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