Light and Shadows-Artificial light

Being part of this blog circle has always been so inspiring for me although this month I had to look back to images I took a little while back as time got on top of me. This month’s theme is Light and Shadows is Artificial Light. To continue the blog circle follow on to Marie Sant’s post for this month. She really knows how to work light beautifully!

When I first started out in photography I used to have to stop shooting for most of the winter months because there really wasn’t enough natural light for my camera to cope with happily. I then got myself a Speedlite and everything changed. Not only do I use it in all my studio work with it set up in a soft box but I have also figured out a way to use it to replicate natural light by placing it outside and softening the light with blinds, shower curtains or net curtains. This has meant that I can make rooms look like they’re flooded with light even at night. This first picture was taken on a dark dreary day and the second was taken 2 hours after sunset when it was pitch black outside. Of course this won’t work upstairs 🙂 but it’s always good to think outside the box when it comes to making the best use of the equipment you have.

IMG_5300readingDon’t forget to follow on through to Marie Sant from Bloom and Grow Photography!

5 Responses to Light and Shadows-Artificial light

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  2. Fran says:

    LYNN!!!!! You make me want to go buy a speedlite TODAY!!! <3

  3. Well, hello there, genius. I just bought more studio light stuff and HAVE to try this. Lynn Nalty: Super GENIUS.

  4. Marie says:

    Maybe one day I will be a creative and talented as you – okay, probably not. These are fantastic! And that first one, sheesh – sooo cool!!

  5. Tonya Teran says:

    This is so genius!! I cannot wait to try! You are always SO awesome Lynn!

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