Kind Words

I am always so appreciative when people give great feedback about what I do. Below are just some of the comments I have recieved about my actions and online editing classes.

About the actions and tutorials….

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your beautiful actions!! I have only been using my camera seriously for a year and I’m just starting to do some portfolio building… but I just purchased your sun overlays and light leaks. They are out of this world amazing! I already have many of your actions, but the sun overlays are my absolute favorite! Thanks again!! I so enjoy being the recipient of your talent!

Erica Jancelewicz


I adore Lynn’s actions and tutorials. They are apart of my everyday workflow and help to give my images a subtle polished touch. Lynn’s post processing steps are clean, light and simple. They give a graceful completion to my work and I love them! Love Lynn too In addition, she provides tutorials on how to use them…How amazing is that?!

Melissa Morris

I will say that your actions are by far the best, they are straight forward and I always get the professional result I’m looking for. You can maneuver quickly with your actions, and it’s always and “ahhh” moment when I’m done! They are magical ‚ô•

I just wanted to say that I love your actions SO much. I have never used anyone’s actions before but I have to say that I just love how they make my editing flow easier. I’ve had some super red babies lately and it’s just so much easier to click on your ‘remove red’ and brush over the areas and then click ‘lighten up’ and lighten the skin and then clean it up and run portraiture and the skin is beautiful. It’s just great :-)THANK YOU ūüôā x


Hi Lynn. Still using your actions in every photo I edit. Priceless actions & well worth the money!

thanks, Catherine


Hey there Lynn!I wanted to tell you how much I love your actions! Not only are they easy to use and understand, but your tutorials that go along with it are amazing!  You truly have a love for photoshop and share that love with others through your tutorials and actions.  I thank you tremendously!


Marissa Vargason

About the Photoshop fundamentals class…..

It was an amazing class. I have improved (my main goal of course). I am a lot more at ease with camera raw and photoshop.
I will certainly go back to the videos when needed.  All is clear, pdf and videos are really well done and explanations are complete. With the exercices, we can improve as Lynn helps to fix some details and she takes time to answer everyone. She is also really respectful of the style of everyone. I really appreciate it! She is a great teacher and a kind person.
I recommend this workshop!

Carole Coulon


Very helpful class.  Very easy for a beginner to follow along.  Feedback and comments were great.  I really enjoyed this class !



This was a fantastic class. Even though I didn’t participate as much as I wanted I learned more about photoshop in this class more than anywhere else. The PDF and videos were detailed but yet clear and concise. I still refer to the videos today!



Lynn is an amazing teacher! Patient, kind and goes above and beyond to answer any questions. The video tutorials were amazing and the assignments she had really helped make it hands on. I learned so many great photoshop techniques that I wasn’t using or wasn’t even aware of before this workshop. This was well worth the cost of the course. I can’t imagine getting this kind of information for this amount of money anywhere else. I can’t thank Lynn enough for all of her help!



All I can say is if you hesitated the first time around, DO NOT HESITATE should Lynn offer this again! I learned so much viewing the video tutorials and was in awe watching how she approached each image. I literally saw her make an adjustment and then said to myself, “Wow, what a difference that makes, the image is perfect now.” She would then add something else and I would again say to myself, “Wow, what a difference that made, the image is NOW perfect!” Every time I thought that the image could not be improved any further, Lynn would show me otherwise. Watching and seeing how she approaches editing and analyzing how each image could be enhanced is worth the price of admission in itself. On top of that, Lynn is a great teacher and the tutorials were very thorough and easy to understand. If there was any confusion whatsoever, she would whip up another video to make sure everyone understood the material being taught. She was very friendly and quick in her responses to any questions being asked. She provided images to follow along with (which I very much appreciated) or you could use your own images to practice the techniques being taught. She offered critique on every image posted and was very mindful of everyone having their own styles. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this class. Should she offer more classes in the future, I would sign up in a heart beat!

Marie Taylor


his is bar none one of the most helpful and informative workshops I have every come across. The videos of both ACR and PS are a tremendously helpful resource and Lynn does a brilliant job of explaining why/how she is using each tool. Brilliant. Lynn, as a teacher, was incredibly quick in her responses, was helpful and encouraging, and really has a passion for what she does, making the experience all that much richer.

I would sign up for any workshop Lynn hosted in the future. I can think of no criticisms, it was a perfect experience. Wait, I did think of one thing…keep the threads around forever so we can access them for future reference. There were so many great discussions on tips/hints/instructions, it’s a shame they will be lost.



This was a fantastic class!¬†¬†Lynn provided so many videos in Photoshop and ACR, that it took me a few days to watch them all!¬†¬†Then she answered any questions about them and even created more videos to answer our questions.¬†¬†We tried the techniques ourselves with our choice of pictures she provided or our own, and she gave us helpful CC.¬†¬†She also gave us tips for what to work on from our own galleries.¬†¬†These are just some of the aspects of the class….¬†¬†The only thing that disappointed me was that my hard drive broke right in the middle of the class!¬†¬†Argh!¬†¬†I can’t wait to get my computer back and practice what I’ve learned in this class!!
I also want to add that Lynn is very nice and gives great CC without being too intimidating.  She helped me to feel good about my work, yet still showed me what to work on.



Thank you so much, Lynn!  I learned so much from your class. Probably the best money I have spent on a class to date