DIY-Glove Rabbit

Want to make a simple teddy prop out of a pair of gloves? Well you’ve come to the right place! I’m sure you can make one much better than this one but this might just start you off.

First get a pair of children’s gloves, or bigger ones if you want a bigger teddy. Then cut off the thumb, the middle finger and the little finger from one glove and just one of the fingers from the other glove. glovebunnyThen turn it inside out and sew it together making sure you have stuffed the two arms with whatever you are using as stuffing. Don’t turn the arms inside out but sew them on the inside so that when you turn it in the right way they will be correct. I used a darning needle and wool to sew it together. Sew everything except the top and then stuff the whole rabbit and then stuff and sew the ears on. I used the darning needle and wool again for the eyes and the nose. And there you have it. A simple prop for newborns or older children.IMG_9584