Client FAQ


How will I get my action set?

Once you have completed your purchase through Paypal you will be sent an email with a link to where you can download your action set and a Word document with links to the tutorials.

How do I install my action set?

Clicking on it once it’s downloaded from your link should be enough to install it directly into your actions folder

What should I do if I don’t hear from you within 24 hours of purchase?

It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes the email ends up in a junk mail folder or sometimes your paypal email address isn’t the same as the one you use all the time.

Can I change the actions once I’ve downloaded them?

Of course, if for example you always save your images as 700 pixels wide for web and it drives you round the twist that you have to type that in every time, just roll out the action(make sure it’s not on button mode and click the arrow beside the action name) and find the command that you want to adjust and click on it. You will notice that the red record button is on then. Type the size you want your picture to be and then press the square stop recording button. From then on your action will run with that new command. Similarly if you want to take one command out of an action you can just find it in the rollout and dump it in the trash. Try and find all other commands within the action relating to it and dump those too or you’ll get an irritating error message. If you’ve changed an action and then wished you hadn’t you can always download the originals again from your email and replace the one you messed up on.

What if I have a particular editing problem that isn’t covered in the tutorials or with an action?

You can email me and I will try and help you as best I can. I can’t always spend time editing individual pictures but I’ll help if time allows and if I think it’s worth making a tutorial for I will do that.