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New niece or nephew!

So my baby brother is having a baby!! I think it’s fair to say I’m pretty excited about it. It’s going to be one gorgeous baby with these two as parents:)


2 days to go

I don’t think I’ve ever had a maternity shoot so close to the due date before but I’m so glad that we were able to get some images of her beautiful bump before the baby was born. <3blog1blog2blog

Model material

Isn’t she just gorgeous?! Of course it totally isn’t fair to look this good when you’re pregnant but aren’t I lucky to have been able to photograph her?

I used my usual light setup of a speedlite in a softbox, triggered from the camera and I also used my usual editing techniques and actions which you can see in the before and after at the bottom of the page. Using studio light, custom WB and the editing actions as a combination means that editing takes about 2 minutes per picture. For more information on my actions and tutorials visit the home page allbefore after

Looking forward

I very rarely get the dads in for a maternity shoot and I’m SO glad this dad allowed himself to be in a few of the shots too. For these shots I, as usual, used my single light set up with natural light for fill. Because I work in a small area I almost always have to stretch out my background to get the crop I want. This is all explained in the tutorials which come with the action sets and you can see at the bottom of the post the before shot of this first one. Apart from the background stretching you will also see how I used my actions to edit the rest of the image. Actions like Skin smoothing, Lighten up, Eye define, Paint on contrast etc. All the black and white images are converted with my Sharp contrast Black and White action. For the first two black and whites I played a little with conversion which you can see in the tutorial called Dodge and Burn which has now also been added to the tutorial list (for all previous purchasers please go to the page of links that you would have got with your action set to see the new tutorials 🙂 )


So here below is my SOOC and resulting image of the first shot. I shoot with a Speedlite 580exii in a 50×50″ softbox triggered from my camera, with a 6ft white paper roll. The ‘fur’ is 3 giant IKEA cusion covers that are cut open, laid flat and sewn together to make a pretty decent sized rug for not that much money.


People often ask me what I would recommend them buying from my site if they just want to speed up their workflow for clean editing and not experiment too much with different looks. That’s an easy one for me to answer. The SquareBalloonatic Essential Workflow action set that you can find on this page will give you lots of great actions and also a link to all the tutorials.

A beautiful bump

It’s hard to describe the pang of jealousy I feel when I see a perfect bump. The kind of bump I longed for in my pre-pregnancy days. You know the one where you are lithe and tall and slim and have a perfectly round, unstretch-marked bump? Needless to say that’s not what I had during my two binge eating pregnancies but this girl sure did!