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Life with teens

I don’t often manage to persuade my children to take part in family photos but seeing as it’s been 4 years since the last time I got us all together in front of the camera I ¬†thought it was time ūüôā

Even though it’s August the weather was chilly and a little wet, you can see the rain in some of the photos and we almost decided to call it a day but I had faith¬†that¬†my 85mm 1.2L would bring enough light to the pictures. I <3 that lens so much!

So here we all are. Ages 49, 44, 16 and almost 14. In the spirit of celebrating the age you are and the age you look I have decided on a policy of no skin editing so here we all are, wrinkles and all.
IMG_0600IMG_0817 IMG_0370IMG_0324 IMG_0354IMG_0513 IMG_0936 IMG_0432 IMG_0734IMG_0414 IMG_0841 IMG_0885IMG_0567 copyIMG_0339


Just look at these two cute girls! They were an absolute pleasure to photograph and where nicer than in their own home. It really doesn’t seem like a year ago that I was photographing the younger sister as a¬†newborn!

IMG_0076IMG_0064 IMG_0167 IMG_0212IMG_0123IMG_0261 IMG_0311 IMG_0354 IMG_0376 IMG_0404 IMG_9930 IMG_9944IMG_9972IMG_9967

Spring Lamb

I think the reason I loved this shoot so much is because it turned out just as I had imagined it beforehand. I had borrowed an 85mm 1.2L from a photographer friend and fell in love instantly. I ended up buying one not long afterwards because I knew this was the kind of photography I wanted to be doing.

All of these pictures are edited using my Essential Workflow action set from Set2 and also some of them have Sunlight Overlays.  IMG_5466 IMG_5504 IMG_5534 IMG_5568 IMG_5631 IMG_5639 IMG_5654 IMG_5674 IMG_5734

Band of brothers

Just look at these cute boys. It’s rare that you can get two older boys to happily sit for photos with a new baby sibling but these two were exeptional!
IMG_7642 IMG_7668 IMG_7701 IMG_7705IMG_7742IMG_7681 IMG_7730 IMG_7744 IMG_7811 IMG_7891

The colour of love

Just a few from a gorgeous family that I have had the pleasure of taking pictures when each of their children were newborns. I know these two boys are going to be the best big brothers ever to their baby sister!