11 on the 11th

This is the first time I have participated in the 11 on the 11th blog circle, which is when I, and a group of other photographers take and post pictures of our own families rather than others. The only rules are we must share 11 photos, and one must be a self portrait. Self portraits are challenging, especially when you are photographing yourself with two others and when you look back on all the pictures you discover that they’re making faces, sticking tongues out, going cross-eyed in almost every shot. 🙂 I decided for my post to focus on my daughter who has just turned thirteen. Once you’ve finished here make sure you head over to the amazingly talented Marie Saint for the next post in the circle.

So what does it mean to be a teenager? For me as her mother it’s sort of overwhelming. Especially when you suddenly realise you met the love of your life at only 5 years older than your daughter is now. For her, she likes the extra trust that comes with being older but still thinks that being under 10 was easier than dealing with some teen issues This first picture was taken a few days after Emma was born, I can see all the love and hope in our eyes as we look at her and also remember the fear that we felt of maybe not being able to do a good job of keeping her safe. Your first child brings so many emotions to the surface, often some you thought you never even had. I am so proud of the young woman she has become. We have a strong bond and she has always been a wonderful sister and daughter. Although people always warn darkly about the teenage years I look forward to the next few years watching her grow and become an adult making her own decisions about her future.

And finally a selfie. Taken in a 6x6ft room with a remote and two messers.

Don’t forget to visit Marie Saint’s page for the next post in the circle!

14 Responses to 11 on the 11th

  1. sally says:

    you’ve done such an amazing job capturing her teen spirit (and what cool ideas, I love the text speak) – she is a beautiful girl and your photography and processing are, as always, pure perfection.

  2. Joanne says:

    Such a beautiful family – and my favorite is the silhouette. And as always your pp is done with perfection!

  3. Taryn Boyd says:

    these are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you even kidding? your daughter is beautiful and wow…are you in trouble. sorry. the phone picture is genius…the outside backlit photo’s are to die for and the moments with your son and husband are priceless. SO GLAD YOU joined. yay!!!!

  4. sarah cambio says:

    You are GORGEOUS and your kids are so adorable!

  5. Fran Barker says:

    Lynn!!!! Oh how I love this set! Your daughter is drop dead gorgeous and she gets that from you. You are so talented. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Anne Kerr says:

    Lynn…you leave me speechless at least once a week! You are so super duper talented and I love your style. This girl you have, so, so gorgeous~ what a beautiful celebration of her and her connections with her family. Beautiful work!

  7. Lynn, so happy to have you joining us! Your daughter is crazy beautiful! I love that you are enjoying the teen years. I’m nervous for them, but slightly less nervous after reading your words. I love how beautifully you captured her. LOVE the ones of her with her brother, and of course, the one of the three of you!

  8. Alison Janki says:

    Oh my word these are flat out amazing!! You captured her essence!!
    I absolutely adore the silhouette of her painting her nails….I mean, adore.
    You had better make these into an album for her!!
    The selfie is gorgeous…you are just amazing. Lynn!

  9. Tonya Teran says:

    WOWZA your daughter is so beautiful 🙂 I love these images 🙂 especially the nail painting one <3

  10. Leah says:

    Woah, Lynn!!!!! These are incredible!!! Emma is so stinking beautiful, I cant even stand it. She is growing into such a gorgeous young lady, you guys must be so proud (and a little nervous….!)
    Your style and PP are just so beautiful, I love looking at your work. Delighted you joined the circle. x

  11. i am dying over the text image. genius! what beautiful images and girl!!

  12. Ohhh, you have captured her SO well. Love the nail polish shot. So so pretty all of you. Love these Lynn.

  13. Marie says:

    Lynn – where have you been all my life! I adore all of these. You and your daughter look so much alike – especially in the first picture of you right after you had Emma. WOW! Seriously LOVE the nail polish one. These are all so beautiful and your selfie is gorgeous!!

  14. Lina says:

    Well, nice to “meet” you Lynn. Your children are gorgeous!

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