11 on the 11th

It’s that time again. The 11 on the 11th where I, and a group of oh so talented photographers, share a personal blog post. We try for 11 pictures and this month I have decided to feature my 10 year old son. When you’ve had a look through my post please visit the next in the blog chain, the amazingly talented Laura Morita of Laura Morita Photography. You will be thrilled you did, her work is incredible!

So when almost 11 years ago he was placed in my arms at a whopping 10lbs 10oz I had ideas in my head of what having a son would be like. I suppose no child is ever a carbon copy of anyone else’s and it’s impossible to map out your child’s personality from the experience of others. All I will say is that Matthew, from the day he was born, has been an absolute joy to be around and never a moment’s trouble. He has always been a voracious reader, teaching himself to read before he was 3. When he’s reading a book he’s completely in the world that the book has created and is oblivious to all around him, this is where I got the idea for the Holes picture. In these blissful pre-teen years I love the long chats the two of us have. I know how all this sharing between mother and son probably won’t last for too much longer so I am savouring each minute we spend together. And now to some pictures of my deep thinking, football hating, reading fanatic, dare-devil boy.

The very same skateboard his dad had 35 years ago!

And now for the self portrait that we also try to take as part of this project and probably one that I dislike doing out of all the others but I’m still grateful to have to look back on. This is me and our dog, Scruff.

Don’t forget to continue on the blog circle to Laura Morita‘s page!

5 Responses to 11 on the 11th

  1. Fran Barker says:

    I love that you can see so much of his personality here! Being a mom to a young boy is such an adventure and such a gift and you shared that so eloquently here. Love this, Lynn!

  2. I love seeing your beautiful face and your son is completely wonderful! Love that Holes picture so dang much. You’re so amazingly creative. Love love love you!

  3. sally says:

    totally love all of these, especially the book one, but really, all of them. So cool and perfect, as always.

  4. leah says:

    I love these so much Lynn. I have only met them briefly, but I love your kids, and feel like I know them from all your photos of them. You have captured him so perfectly here, love them all.

  5. Tonya Teran says:

    These are all so sweet!! I seriously love that Holes image..it is perfect! And reading before age three?! What a smart boy! And he sounds like such a sweet kid too, lucky mama 🙂

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